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Liquid Solid Seperation / Pressure Leaf Filters

Liquid-solid filtration is fundamental to many industrial processes.

Vertical and horizontal pressure leaf filters are used in the processing of food, edible oils, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, and United Wire is a leading supplier of both the filter media and support meshes used in the leaf filters.

Plain Dutch weave and Reverse Plain Dutch weave (PZ cloths) are ideally suited for this application, appropriate for high pressure filtration and providing a range of flow rates required for most processes. Typically produced in 316L or 904L (1.4539) Stainless Steel, both the face cloth and support meshes can be supplied in rolls or in cut to size flat panels, complete with radius corners, and ready for assembly.

Precision wire mesh for vertical and horizontal pressure leaf filters in stainless steel 316L, 904L and other alloys